Who is Franzy Staedter?

I’m Franzy Staedter, the Founder and Lead Image Consultant at StaedterStyle, Inc. Think of me as your Style Partner-in-Chief. Born in Germany, I set roots in the U.S. in my early twenties.

For more than ten years, I’ve been curating styles and perfecting wardrobes. In 2012, I established the foundation of my fashion and style career in Los Angeles. Though I gained recognition in celebrity styling and costume design, my heart has and always will be with every individual in search of tailored style guidance.

With clients from all walks of life in mind, I aimed to make style and fashion universally accessible, regardless of location. This led to the introduction of my virtual styling program in 2018.

My approach blends creativity of style with a structured methodology. You can count on being well-informed, knowing precisely what to anticipate as you embark on a style journey with me. I prioritize simplicity while providing comprehensive support to make your experience seamless.

Fashion should be a source of joy and simplicity. That’s the core of my philosophy and I’m committed to consistently create new and innovative approaches to broaden the fashion experience for everyone.

I’m excited to connect with you to explore your style aspirations in detail.

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IG @styledbyfranzy  &  @Staedterstyle
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“Style & Fashion is actually quite simple, once you understand your own unique style.”

— Franzy Staedter

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