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We are proud to share our Five Star reviews & hope you find them helpful in your decision-making progress to find the right stylist.

“I absolutely love working with Franzy! She takes the time to listen to my needs and preferences and curates looks that are perfect for me. Highly recommended! If you’re in need of a style reset and taking your personal brand to the next level,
Franzy is for you.”

— Karen S.

“It would be impossible to overstate the value of working with Franzy. Her aesthetic intuitions are brilliant and she goes the extra mile in working with you to reach your fashion goals. Choose Franzy, it will be the best decision you’ve made in a long time.”

— Paul M.

“My husband gifted me a package with Franzy last year. I wasn’t sure what to expect but am so happy with the entire experience. Franzy is wonderful and knows fashion. I loved working with her. She helped me understand what my style is and helped me pick out a new wardrobe for work and a few going out pieces. I really appreciated that she helped me figure out how to incorporate some pieces of my current wardrobe into new outfits. I learned so much from Franzy about my own style and shopping for clothes is no longer a daunting process. Working with Franzy is easy and she was very flexible to meet my busy schedule. I recommend her to anyone who needs to refresh their wardrobe or needs something for a special occasion. You won’t regret it!”

— Jennifer T.

“Our daughter was heading off to college to Vanderbilt in Nashville, a pretty fashion forward locale. Franzy and her team worked through a process to help define our daughter’s style and then, prior to starting college, source all aspects of the style so she started college being comfortable in her own style. First impressions matter and it surprised us how our beautiful, yet bookwormish, daughter embraced fashion – and what an advantage and confidence that gave her as she went into college with her own style. You are your brand, and Franzy and her team were invaluable in implementing a cost conscious plan which was actually fun. High marks for sure!”

— Allen N.

“Working with Franzy is more than getting clothes that make you feel good. It’s more than learning what to look for, what to avoid, what works and what’s right. And it’s more than getting your closet in order so you know what you have and what goes together, and at different times of the year. Working with Franzy has changed my relationship with my clothes – I own them purposefully and they reflect what I feel about myself. I didn’t think about this before, I thought about what my husband thought and his likes, I thought about what was in fashion regardless of how it looked on me, I thought about the people who gave me clothes and wearing the clothes for them, not me. But now I know what looks good on me and I could never have done that without Franzy. She has that sense and knowledge and she knows how to communicate it well so that I can incorporate it in my daily clothing choices. And she goes beyond to include shoes, belts, scarves, jewelry, and underwear. Truly, Franzy is like having a secret weapon!”

— Jenn B.

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